With WieMee you can easily share expenses with friends or colleagues. WieMee balances out payments between all group members. A night out with friends has never been easier.

On top of that, we've also added a calender tool to check which of your friends have enrolled. If you live with roommates, the calendar can for example be used to check who is home for dinner. And to make our group management tool complete, we've added a ToDo list. Sharing the ToDo's between the group members.

About WieMee.com

In the year 2010 WieMee was founded as WieEetErMee, an online tool to check which of your roommates were joining for dinner. During the following years more features got added, but the original design wasn't up for the task and the codebase was getting behind on modern standards. Time for a 2.0.

July 2015 we've launched WieMee.com. Shortening the name gave an easer domain. Aside from the new features, and a much simpler design, an API was added. Via this API every developer can use the WieMee platform to get information and process it.

If you have any feedback, please let us know via our UserReport, Facebook or Twitter page.

With love,
Ernst Mulders (Co-founder) @ernstmul