Terms WieMee.com

By using the services of WieMee.com you agree the terms described below.

Article 1; Definitions

1.1 'The website': The websites WieMee.com including all related (sub)domains.
1.2 'Mulders Design': Owner of WieMee.com. Registerd by the Dutch chamber of commerce under registration number 24429887.
1.3 'The user': all individuals using the services provided by Mulders Design.
1.4 'The service': all services used to keep WieMee running, such as the website and the API.

Article 2; User data

2.1 Data may be used by Mulders Design for analytics or advertisement purposes.
2.2 Mulders Design cannot be held responsible for the loss of data.

Article 3; Availability

3.1 Mulders Design cannot be held responsible for loss due to the serivce not being available.

Article 4; Terms

4.1 Mulders Design can change these terms with a 30 days ahead notice.